Hourly wage for teachers would solve break dispute

NANAIMO – Re: Teachers derail two-week break, May 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Teachers derail two-week break, May 2.

The Nanaimo District Teachers’ Association has again made sure a way to balance a difficult budget won’t be implemented.

On-call teachers would be called upon to work a few extra minutes a day for the same pay. They are not hourly workers but seem to have a union that thinks they are.

As for the prep-providing specialists, they lose pay whenever the teachers decide on prep days or non-teaching days as it is.

Justin Green’s statement about teachers “working the same” is incomprehensible. They no longer do much of the duties that they used to, and are paid more.

At one time there were no days off to discuss educational issues, no aides to watch the children during recess, and as part of duties at the school, extra curricular activities were demanded of the teachers.

Perhaps we need to pay teachers an hourly wage so if they don’t work, they don’t get paid.

Not realistic, but then again, the teachers’ union is unrealistic as well.

J. Sharpe