High prices driving Canadians to shop in U.S.

NANAIMO: Re: U.S. bargains can be costly, Opinion, Sept. 1.

To the Editor,

Re: U.S. bargains can be costly, Opinion, Sept. 1.

Instead of putting the onus on Canadians who are sick of the higher costs of everything in Canada, why not put it where it belongs?

The Canadian dollar hit parity with the U.S. dollar two years ago or so. We were told it would take some time to “catch up”, but we would see prices drop.

We’re still waiting.

A few retailers, such as Chapters, started charging the U.S. price on books, etc., but that seems to have been short-lived.

How about addressing the high cost of everything in Canada by reining in B.C. Ferries, whose constant price increases affect those who transport our goods?

How about addressing the high cost of gas and the disparity in gas prices between B.C. and other areas of the country?  This impacts the cost of goods as well.

Canadian retailers and B.C. Ferries need to learn what helps make prices lower in the U.S. Reduce prices and you will sell more product. It’s all about volume sales. That would help keep Canadians buying at home.

If you want to blame the government for something, blame it for not addressing the issues that make Canadian goods more expensive.

Don’t blame government for trying to give some relief to consumers trying to make their shopping dollars go further.

Ellyn Turner