Health agency not always making people a top priority

Re: Nothing toxic about pesticide use in Canada, Letters, May 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Nothing Toxic about pesticide use in Canada, Letters, May 24.

Scientifically it has been proven that pesticides/herbicides are toxic and detrimental to human health.

To say otherwise is comparable in intelligence to denying global warming. That is, unless you are selling pesticides, and then it becomes an enterprise for making money.

As for Health Canada being trustworthy in protecting the health of Canadians, let’s consider cheap candy and colas abundantly displayed everywhere, primarily targeting young children and adolescence.

These products are heavily loaded with sugar, have no nutritional value and are extremely addictive, thus creating an ongoing desire for sweetness (sugar) in all foods.

Also consider chemical food colouring and chemical food flavouring which are both proven to be extremely harmful to developing children. Consuming such products gives the possibility of serious disease in their future, plus obesity and rotten teeth.

There are also numerous drugs on the market that only disclose the fatalistic side effects in microscopic print at the very end of their printout, thus ensuring they are seldom read.

So these two examples alone show me that the health of Canadians is not always a priority of Health Canada.

Gaile Gomerich



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