Harper detractors have no better alternative

NANAIMO – Re: Tories’ relief evident, Letters, June 22.

To the Editor,

Re: Tories’ relief evident, Letters, June 22.

Obviously the latest senate scandal is making it easy for anyone to rant negatively about all federal Conservatives.

But, while gleefully dancing because of Conservative misfortunes, why do the Stephen Harper haters not sing the praises of whoever they think might provide a better alternative?

Would these ranters prefer to have the country led by a drama queen whose only claim to fame is the surname Trudeau? I’ve read that for $20,000 he’ll slip out of Parliament and give you a speech that proves he’s a master of the obvious. Or should that be oblivious?

Or how about Tom Mulcair who ostentatiously flaunts his lawyerly skills by pretending to be the prosecutor during question periods? Would terrible Tom, with his anti-western Quebec caucus and the unions he’s beholden to, provide democratic leadership?

Our federal political system may be headed down the road to perdition, but it could still be fun to debate the merits/demerits of all party leaders rather than simply kicking one party because they happen to be down.

Jim Corder