Gun violence happens in Canada, and could happen again

Perhaps in future, terrible and tragic events in the U.S. might point us to our own tragedies on the home front.

To the Editor,

Re: Gun violence harms us all, Editorial, Sept. 3.

Although I certainly agree with your premise, I was shocked that you would have had to go so far afield to find a basis for it. I have been horrified and appalled that so many, for the most part unarmed, Canadian citizens have been shot down by police in the past year. The people that I’m speaking about had mental health issues, and they were either armed with a knife or a stick. How lethal can they be? And why should they be met with such force? And so quickly?

I know there have been severe cuts to many social services and that has left those with mental health issues with fewer and fewer resources. I can’t understand why there are so few psychiatrists and such limited hospital space for those who truly need these services.  And, it’s fallen to the police to deal with things that they shouldn’t have to.

Although the terrible and tragic events that have happened in the U.S. demand our attention, perhaps in future it might point you to our own tragedies on the home front.

Catherine MelnykNanaimo