Greed affecting seniors’ facility

Re: Health care needs time for caring, Letters, Jan. 17.

To the Editor,

Re: Health care needs time for caring, Letters, Jan. 17.

As the daughter of a longtime resident of Malaspina Gardens, the decision by Chartwell to layoff approximately 180 employees and contract them out is shattering news.

My mother has been in this facility for about 14 years and the level of care provided by the staff has always remained the same – first class.

Staff always treat Mom with respect and dignity. There is such a feeling of family among the staff and the residents.

Everyone is called by their first name and staff know each resident’s likes and dislikes. This bond takes time.

As a visitor and volunteer of this facility, you could not ask for more caring staff.

I understand that the older part of the building needs upgrading but why does that come down to finances. The facility should be upgraded for the good of the residents.

These people are spending their final days here and need consistency.

What does upgrading a facility have to do with contracting out staff?

Why would you not want to keep staff who have given their all to a place and made it a wonderful facility for the residents?

Why does greed take over in place of thinking about the residents who live in this facility and the staff who have lovingly taken care of them all this time?

P. Baglo