Government change eagerly awaited

How refreshing it will be to have a premier who keeps his promise.

To the Editor,

Re: Imagining a government under NDP, B.C. Views, April 26.

Ordinarily I don’t read Tom Fletcher, your legislative reporter, as I find him too biased to be credible, but I was seduced by the title of his column.

What an appealing prospect. How refreshing it will be to have a premier who keeps his promises and doesn’t spring on us some unwelcome edict after he’s safely elected.

I look forward to a reduction in child poverty, a significant increase in affordable housing to help the working poor live in dignity, and a stop to rising tuition for our post-secondary students.

I anticipate a moratorium on new fish farms and run-of-the-river projects. I know I will see prudent money management; the last NDP government left a $1.5-billion surplus.

Gordon Campbell promptly squandered that largesse on tax breaks for the already wealthy and it is that practice of ever lower taxes for rich corporations and individuals along with reckless spending that is responsible for our present deficit.

Adrian Dix as premier, together with his able caucus, will ensure that the spectre of the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipelines will disappear. These projects that will enrich the oil magnates but could impoverish B.C. will not be built and super tankers carrying toxic diluted bitumen won’t threaten our pristine northern coastline or the shores of Burrard Inlet.

Yes, I’m imagining a government under the NDP; I’m eagerly awaiting that blessed relief from neoliberal economic policy.

Arlene Feke

via e-mail