Genetically modified food far from safe

NANAIMO: Re: Nutritional evidence lacking, Letters, Aug. 28.

To the Editor,

Re: Nutritional evidence lacking, Letters, Aug. 28.

In Robert Wager’s recent letter to the editor, he asserts that people are wasting their money on organically-grown food, and that genetically modified foods are safe.

There is a lot of evidence that he is wrong.

All my life I’ve eaten tons of apples.

Starting about age 50, if I have one non-organic apple, within 10 to 15 minutes I have at least one sore inside my mouth.

Should I believe my body or should I believe the U.S. Department of Agriculture that says the poisons that farmers spray on apples are not harmful to the public?

Recently, thanks to a lawsuit, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released 44,000 internal e-mails on the subject of genetically modified food.

All of the scientists at the department were opposed to allowing genetically modified food to be sold to the public.

Why are all of us eating genetically modified food, and why is it against the law in Canada and the U.S. for merchants to label GMO foods?

Once again, money power trumps both science and free speech.

John D. Macdonald


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