Free publicity helped U.S. president-elect win in ‘post-truth’ era

Why is it that the low-information right loves to complain about the media?

To the Editor,

Re: President-elect is probably the best thing to happen to the U.S. right now, Letters, Nov. 22

Why is it that the low-information right loves to complain about the media?

I noted three references in this diatribe, (mainstream media non-stop barrage, adjust everything to your liking like the media has done, lying media) and predictably no mention of the estimated $2 billion worth of free publicity that Trump got. Heck, Sean Hannity blew smoke up Trump for months while fellow far-and-wacky-right conservative talk radio hosts spread lies about Hillary Clinton’s health, global warming, race relations, taxes, foreign policy and other ‘post-truth’ nonsense.

Grant MaxwellNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: U.S. Election can be a lesson, Editorial, Nov. 15.

Your editorial was typical of the arrogant, presumptuous, assumed expertise on ‘what is good for the peasants’ that led to Trump’s victory. The electorate revolted.

Some of your comments are patronizing and show contempt and disdain for voters. You and your leftist buddies still don’t get it, do you? Have you learned nothing from Brexit and Trump’s election? People, including Canadians, are now starting to despise the pompous, politically correct elitists who group themselves under a left-wing ‘establishment’ and purport to tell us what to think and who to vote for.

Many of us will make a point of doing the opposite of what we are told, on principle, because you and your kind are almost always wrong and out of touch with the common man.

A pox on left-wing editors, liberal elites and others who would seek to impose a totalitarian society upon us.

Mike JessonNanaimo