Fiscal recklessness won’t be rewarded

Re: School reno projects on district radar, Aug.1.

To the Editor,

Re: School reno projects on district radar, Aug.1.

As far as I know, the reno projects were never off the school board’s radar.

To suggest that this government’s Ministry of Education is about to send any substantial facilities money this way however, is misleading.

I must give credit to trustees for trying to keep the ministry aware of the deplorable conditions of our schools, but after throwing away a sound plan worth about $87 million three years ago, we still do not have a better alternative.

That plan had Woodlands, NDSS, Hammond Bay Elementary, Davis Road and more, now we go begging with hat in hand never to be taken seriously.

Our schools are not full and it is going to take full schools to get new funding that comes anywhere close to the last approved plan.

If the board of trustees continues to refuse to close schools or somehow increase enrolment by several thousand before September, it is little wonder that the B.C. government will not reward this kind of fiscal recklessness.

Bill Bard