First Nations can share knowledge with Canada

NANAIMO – Re: Letter sparks angry protest at newspaper, March 30.

To the Editor,

Re: Letter sparks angry protest at newspaper, March 30.

Disparaging remarks about First Nations people in a letter to the editor that was published, and then apologetically retracted, by the Nanaimo Daily News ignited an anger-fuelled controversy that swept across Canada like a wind-driven prairie fire.

Inappropriate words and misdirected anger can both have unpredictable consequences.

The Idle No More movement needs to harness the untapped energy and goodwill that exists in Canada.

The movement is in dire need of an inspirational leader with the charisma, wisdom and integrity of a Nelson Mandela or a Martin Luther King Jr. Someone who can unite the fragmented bands, establish common goals and articulate a coherent action plan. Effective and sustained political pressure will be necessary to create fundamental change.

Obviously there is a lot of hard work to be done but it doesn’t all depend on the federal and provincial governments. Many problems can be tackled at the band level.

First Nations people can improve their future prospects by joining together to help each other and by sharing their knowledge, skills, compassion and dreams.

They must also hold their leaders accountable. Every child needs positive role models, ones they can relate to.

Lloyd Atkins