FightHST not linked to one political party

Re: FightHST spreading tax misinformation, Letters, June 11.

To the Editor,

Re: FightHST spreading tax misinformation, Letters, June 11.

Janet Irvine does put things into perspective, albeit her own perspective. She is right when she says “Terry Hand also appears to be concerned that the HST has a negative impact on small business.”

I do have a concern and my accountant confirmed those concerns when he e-filed my income tax return, my bank statements are another indication of how this tax is affecting small business.

Irvine is wrong about the question of sovereignty and as much as she, the Liberals, and the Smart Tax Alliance say otherwise Gordon Campbell signed over taxing authority to the federal government when the HST deal was signed.

The 1866 Quebec Resolutions (framework of the BNA Act) prohibits the federal government from directly taxing Canadians. That power is the exclusive power of the provincial legislatures.

I have copies of the original documents, also available from the public archives.

Gordon Campbell failed the people of B.C., then resigned over it. Now he is rewarded by Stephen Harper for transferring B.C. taxing authority to Ottawa. His reward; promotion to a job he is unqualified to do.

There is much misinformation being spread over the HST, but it isn’t from FightHST.

The misinformation emanates from those who feed off this tax.

Irvine, the Liberals and some journalists attempt to link FightHST to party politics, but FightHST volunteers are made up of members of all party affiliations, including some Liberals.

Vote “yes” to extinguish the HST.

Terry Hand

FightHST regional representative, Nanaimo