Few people talking of global warming

Re: Where did global warming go? Letters, May 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Where did global warming go? Letters, May 24.

“Am I alone,” asks Alastair J. Berry of Nanaimo, “in wondering what has happened to global warming?”

No, gardeners observe that their plants and bushes bloom later each year. Property owners in flood prone areas note the spring melt is delayed and worse when it comes.

Apparel mechants put off their sales of spring outfits until the second quarter of the year. Home improvement outlets do poor business in the first three months annually.

In fact, just about the only people who still talk about global warming are the government-funded ‘scientists’ who regularly report that the current year is warmer than the last.

And, oh yes, politicians looking for an excuse to raise taxes on energy possess an unshakeable faith in rising temperatures.

Gordon Pratt