Few complaints led to speedway closure

It would be great to have Cassidy Speedway again

To the Editor,

Re: Racer wants speedway reopened, Aug. 18.

It would be great to have a track again. Both the old tracks were shut down because of a few politicians and one Nanaimo Regional District lawyer –who should have been called on a conflict of interest as he lived on Spruston Road – who sided with a few whiners.

Grand View Bowl’s demise came by the hand of one woman that took it to task because her husband was missing some sleep once a week.

She found a neighbour who happened to be a Nanaimo city councillor, to take it to city council and waste many council meetings and public time and money to close a perfectly good track. It sat unused for at least 10 years.

Cassidy Speedway was not run properly if you look at bylaws and the world of rules and regulations, but it was a fun place to race and to watch.

A little control with traffic issues and noise control and there would again be a place that the young and not-so-young can participate in a form of motor sport that can get the adrenalin pumping and the hair on your neck to stand up.

Open it and they will come.

Brian Yanda