Fee increases show city hall’s arrogance toward seniors

NANAIMO – Re: Exercise costs are prohibitive, Letters, March 14.

To the Editor,

Re: Exercise costs are prohibitive, Letters, March 14.

Here we go again – city administration making decisions without regard to the taxpayers, especially seniors.

These people are paid by the taxpayers and we are getting fed up with their arrogant behaviour.

Examples include drug houses in residential areas, the Nanaimo Boat Basin lease, the Vancouver Island Conference Centre and hotel and Colliery Dam Park.

Now they are attacking seniors at the Beban Park recreational centre – a centre we paid for long before some of them were out of diapers.

The city encourages seniors to exercise for their health and we have been going to the Beban gym for many years.

Now they want to delete Monday, Wednesday and Friday $3 gym times and give us Thursday only at $3.

I guess seniors don’t have to exercise more than one day a week according to city hall. And if we do, we pay more.

Most of us are used to working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday at $3 a day. This is not only what the body needs, but it is what we are used to and what we can afford.

Some of the new fees are more than what it wold cost to join a private gym.

Many cannot afford these increases.

A. Audet