Fear pushes dam agenda

NANAIMO – Re: Emergency plan developed for Barsby, Dec. 1.

To the Editor,

Re: Emergency plan developed for Barsby, Dec. 1.

Nanaimo school board chairman Jamie Brennan’s statement that “the sooner the dams come down the better” leaves me asking the question that if there is such an urgent concern for the dams’ safety, why hasn’t there been an early warning system placed there years ago?

It seems strange the urgency comes now without any thought to mitigating the risk to children much prior to this.

If the community had been given the opportunity some time ago, fear tactics by the school board chairman and city staff/council would not have to be used as a basis for going ahead with a planning strategy.

Decisions made hastily usually backfire, and using fear to push the agenda is unacceptable to most citizens. It is also insulting.

Judy Forbister