Explanation needed on pension amounts

Re: Departing MPs collect rich pensions, May 10.

To the Editor,

Re: Departing MPs collect rich pensions, May 10.

I would really like to understand why MPs leave office with such huge pensions when it takes the Average Joe years and years and still never meets that size of pension in their lifetime.

I could see them getting a year of that size pension to give them time to get back in the workforce. I do not begrudge this pay when they are working for us – some work very hard and deserve every penny they receive.

With the pensions offered, most could live easily and never have to work another day. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind these huge lifetime pensions?

And how often does an MP take a cut in pay when things are tough for the general population? This part of the political life has always been annoying and downright wrong and yet it never seems to change.

Why? Because they do not talk about it.

I am sure there are others as curious as I to have it explained why they get a lifetime pension for a few years of work.

Norma Vernon