Existing Colliery park irreplaceable

NANAIMO: Re: City plans to remove two century-old dams, Nov. 1.

To the Editor,

Re: City plans to remove two century-old dams, Nov. 1.

The adamant view of council that the lakes at Colliery Dam Park cannot be left is completely unacceptable.

Council will have us believe that the existing structures and their possible failure – due to an earthquake  – have suddenly put our entire community at risk and that immediate action is warranted. We are all aware that we reside in an area that may be prone to sizable impact should an earthquake occur.

However, no one can reasonably predict if, or when, this event may happen nor can we envision what infrastructure will be impacted. The existing structures have never been an issue over the last century.  When the city assumed control of the park in the ’70s, the lakes were drained and some improvements made.

People reside and work here because of the quality of life and our proximity to the outdoors, and use of our parks is a large part of the attraction.

The park and its lakes  are an integral part of our community and are irreplaceable. No amount of cosmetic surgery after the fact will make up for what is lost now and for future generations.

The park is used by hundreds of people in our community on a daily basis.  This cannot be said of other expensive projects that have been undertaken.

Invoking a panic stricken reaction with no public input to a crucial issue is inappropriate. Losing the park should invoke the same sense of outrage that would a proposition to rid ourselves of Westwood Lake.

This park is part of our heritage and defines our lifestyle. It should be protected at all costs as there can be no price tag that would define its worth. If an upgrade is deemed essential, then do it, but do not destroy something that can never be replaced.

Jeff Solomon