ER needs doctors, not fancy frills

NANAIMO – ER at NRGH larger and brighter, but an obvious waste of the taxpayers’ money.

To the Editor,

I accompanied my daughter to the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency room April 13, and have to say that although it is larger and brighter, it is an obvious waste of the taxpayers’ money.

An information desk with glass coloured inlay, but no person manning it. A bright ticker tape billboard welcoming you, how much did that cost?

It now takes two assistants to check one person in. Why not serve two needy people at once?

No sign of an RN or doctor to triage patients, no medical equipment to be seen. Waiting around to go to the next waiting area where we were greeted by costly-looking seating, unnecessary touch screen games for kids, two glass tubes filled with bubbles and fake fish, bottles of sanitizer laid out like toys.

Yes, it all looks fancy, but in no way is it practical. Who are they trying to impress?

Spend the money where it is needed. We need more doctors and less fancy, useless stuff.

Laurie Vibe