Energy misspent on low priorities

Re: New coalition aims to push province to scrap smart meters, Oct. 18.

To the Editor,

Re: New coalition aims to push province to scrap smart meters, Oct. 18.

I have been following with some interest the increasingly heated debate over the installation by B.C. Hydro of  the new digital smart meters in Nanaimo homes.

What started with simple opinions expressing concern has morphed into a full-blown protest movement, dedicated to preserving the older exisiting technology over the newer, less understood one.

Many people are putting a substantial amount of time and effort into ensuring that B.C. Hydro is prevented from completing this task.

Two days ago on CBC television, an elementary school teacher from Duncan stood in front of cameras and tearfully admitted that, despite her fullest and best efforts, she was unable to provide a proper education to her students.

She said this was due to overcrowding, too many special needs children in her classroom and a lack of institutional support to enable her to attend to their needs and the needs of the other students.

According to statements made by other teachers, this is a common problem throughout the school system. When questioned by the media, the Minister of Education could only give the usual political platitudes.

It strikes me that the education of our children – the most vital resource that we can deed to the future – would have a far higher priority in the minds of all British Columbians than whether or not our provincial power authority decides to change a piece of measuring equipment that has to be attached to our houses regardless of how we feel about it.

Why not take all of that intelligence and energy over the smart meter debate and channel it toward making education the highest priority?

Each of us and the province and country we live in would only benefit for immeasurable years to come. Let’s keep it all in perspective – some things are far more important than others.

S. Brimble