Election campaign divides Canadians

I would love to be able to hold my head high again, when I tell people I am a Canadian.

To the Editor,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking scapegoats to blame, like the Muslims now, for the mess our economy and the world are in. He bullies Muslim women instead of confronting the economic and environmental crisis that threatens our country and denies our children a future. Harper is trying to divide Canada into an us and those.

It does not matter that babies are dying of malnutrition, hunger and exposure to unsafe living conditions. It does not matter that children are deprived of homes, proper families and schooling. It does not matter that they have no future, except grinding poverty, poor health and a short life span due to the world’s inhumane treatment of them, and the deliberate destruction of their homes and countries. Harper and the Conservatives are unwilling to help a world crisis.

Canadians, wake up! Harper’s hate speeches are destructive to our freedom, and the ability to work together to solve our economic and environmental problems.

I would love to be able to hold my head high again, when I tell people I am a Canadian, and not be the apologetic figure who says we are not all like Harper.

Cheryle SosnowskiLantzville


To the Editor,

I’m noticing a disturbing trend arising in this important election. A number of perhaps well meaning, non-partisan groups have banded together under the ‘anybody but Conservatives’ and ‘vote strategically’ banners. Trying to add credibility to their pitch, some hired their own polling agencies. However, some of these polling gurus are using quite suspect methodologies in their work.

In Nanaimo-Ladysmith, which party or parties is trying to exploit our good-hearted naiveté by foisting simplistic, error-riddled polls as fact, to cop our vote?   Ignore silly opinion polls; look at the candidates, their parties and their platforms, then decide. Don’t be LedNow into sheepledom.

Jordan EllisNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: PM Harper rules as if he’s a dictator, Letters, Oct. 6.

While the letter writer may be impressed by this government’s buying of his (and our) vote with the millions of his and our tax dollars it has injected around the local ridings, I don’t see much vision or leadership in shovelling other people’s money off the back of a truck. I also know from personal experience that the infrastructure programs seldom solve actual problems, with the main objective being just to spread money around. Under such a distorted system, no one even knows if they come close to having gotten their money back or if we local taxpayers have subsidized an even more ‘favoured’ riding.

I am supporting politicians who will keep me free from spending scandals, free from election fraud, free from omnibus bills too complex to understand, free from having my Parliament closed down when the prime minister is piqued, and free from anti-terrorism bills that take away my freedoms as a law-abiding Canadian.

Hans J. LarsenLantzville


To the Editor,

I hear a lot from the Green Party about Canada’s allegedly poor environmental record. And I have heard enough of their shadings of the truth. Politics is a tough game, but it’s time for honesty. I guess they just take for granted the kind of environmental investments that the Conservative government has made locally in recent times, which include more than $16.6 million to assist in Nanaimo’s new reservoir and the water treatment plant. What about the $2 million set aside for the the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Salish Sea Marine Survival Project?

It’s time to say thank you to Stephen Harper’s economic management plan which makes these investments possible, and to vote Conservative to make sure they continue.

Frank FordNanaimo


To the Editor,

Having experienced many ups and downs during my 93 years on Earth, this has taught me that the almighty God of creation knows the end from the beginning. Hence the will of God has to be done on Earth as in heaven.

As such, I shall be voting Conservative on Oct. 19, ensuring I get the largest ‘bang for the buck’ the next four years, confident that the Canadian ship has an experienced captain with an all-important crew, capable, seasoned, strong and loyal, to negotiate such treacherous seas of the world today.

Robert B. BrownNanaimo