Eggs are everything they’re cracked up to be

Farmers raise their hens under the most stringent conditions and government standards of biosecurity and animal health.

To the Editor,

Re: Farmers’ markets highlight food security, June 26.

It is important for consumers to understand that eggs sold at the grocery level do not come from Mexico or California. In fact, eggs at the retail level are distributed by a local grader who receives eggs from a local farmer. That farmer is one of 136 B.C. farmers who are members of a non-profit organization, the B.C. Egg Marketing Board. These farmers raise their hens under the most stringent conditions and government standards of biosecurity, Start Clean-Stay Clean and animal health.

Farmers are audited to these standards to maintain their licence to farm and thus they are held particularly accountable to provide not only a nutritious, high-quality product, but one that supports a local business which keeps the money in the community.

Megan WardB.C Egg Marketing Board


To the Editor,

I was so impressed when shopping at a supermarket last week.

Under every kind of eggs they have posted information on how the chickens are kept.

I have known they are not roaming free, but didn’t really think past that.

It is shocking that almost all are caged and movement-restricted which means they are ‘headlocked’ for their entire ‘useful’ life.

One company is offering free run. The chickens are free to roam indoors and express natural behaviours. Yes, the eggs are more expensive, but to save a miserable life of any animal or bird is worth it. Many of us spend more on good coffee in a week that what a dozen of these eggs cost.

I hope learning this will prompt all of you to think about ethical treatment of a living creature.

Lola GriersonNanaimo