EDITORIAL: Census information vital to Canada

The Canadian government goes through a lot of effort to ensure people fill out the census. Advertisements, threats and an army of staff are all in place to ensure Canadians get properly counted.

It seems ridiculous that some Canadians would require these prompts to take part in such a vital exercise.

Undertaken every five years, the census began arriving at Nanaimo-area doors this week. With the Tory government making the foolish decision to make the long-form census optional, it now means Canadians will only need to take about 10 minutes out of their day to fill in the information.

It’s time well spent.

The census is vital for government. It provides demographic and statistical data used to plan services provided by government. Policy decisions on health care, education and transportation are all based on census data.

It helps determine transfer payments for provinces and how the number of MPs are divvied up in Parliament. Not filling out the census form only serves to punish our community.

Strange as it sounds, filling out the census can be fun. If you have kids, take the time to go through the form with them – it’s a practical lesson in government. If you have an elderly neighbour who needs a hand, offer it. Sit down over coffee and participate in helping history.

Every five years the Canadian government records who we are as a nation. While the government changed the tone considerably, it’s still as important as ever to take part.

Make sure you take the time to be part of this historical exercise and fill out your census.

– Nelson Star