Downtown eyesore needs to be removed

Re: Downtown decorations too bland, Letters, Dec. 20.

To the Editor,

Re: Downtown decorations too bland, Letters, Dec. 20.

I think some more colour would help in some areas and less in others.

For example, add more colour by making the area where the hotel was supposed to go into a green space, with grass, trees, benches and maybe an outdoor stage for local buskers or even a speakers corner.

Downtown needs more green space for people to enjoy.

As for less colour, I think the city should take a stance against the purple eyesore (formerly A&B Sound).

It seems ironic that the city can warn residents to clean up their yards and if they don’t, city crews will do it and bill the homeowner.

It has been far too long for that eyesore to sit there vacant and deteriorating. It should not matter if the property taxes are paid – it is ugly, in disrepair and is probably home to the downtown’s largest rat colony.

It is by far one of the most strategic properties downtown which, if done properly, would greatly enhance the area.

Anyone got a sledgehammer?

Craig Palin