Disconnect grows over Colliery dams

NANAIMO – Re: City identifies area for Colliery Dam Park closure, June 25.

To the Editor,

Re: City identifies area for Colliery Dam Park closure, June 25.

There will be demolition viewing areas.

There will be areas to protest.

The idea that our community will be allowed areas that will be city-sanctioned for viewing and protesting is absurd.

Is this the city’s idea of community inclusion in the decision? Doing due diligence?

If there is a sincere desire for  community inclusion, ask us what we want, don’t tell us what you want us to do. This would be truly representing our community.

I still shake my head that, after presenting a wealth of information regarding why keeping the dams this summer is the best option, considering safety, cost, environmental impact and avoiding major disruption of the park, removal of the dams is steam rolling ahead.

All I can say is there is a major and destructive disconnect between our community and its elected representatives.

We will keep fighting to be properly and sincerely represented. Our fight to keep our dams is a fight for democracy.

This is far bigger than keeping lakes in our park. If anyone thinks they are not involved, and that it doesn’t matter if the dams are there or not, think again.

These dams represent democracy. If the Colliery dams  are removed this summer it is because democracy has died in Nanaimo.

Roblyn Hunter