Despite withdrawal, students thriving

Students show resilient, organized, determined and hard working they are.

To the Editor,

Re: BCTF making a big gamble, Opinion, April 28.

In response to students being “hurt” by teacher’s stand against Bill 22,  I refuse to say that the students I work with have been ‘“hurt” by the current actions.

Quite frankly, I think the opposite has happened. As I left school earlier than normal  one day – now that practices have been cancelled – I looked over to see that my team had organized a practice without me. They were off of school property dancing their hearts out which made me realize how significant the impact of removing extra curricular activities has been, in a positive way.

Without me, the teacher, holding a dance team practice, taking attendance and coaching them to become better dancers, my students survived. Not only did they survive, but they thrived.

They showed how resilient, organized, determined and hard working they are. This experience is helping them develop necessary skills of leadership, and they are taking initiative to work toward a common goal.

My students have had a far more enriching season that has taught them so much more than dance; they learned that they hold the power in their hands and no one can take away their passion.

C. Grovum