Dams stood up to heavy storm

After the recent near-record rainfalls, the Colliery dams seem to be intact.

To the Editor,

Re: Storm leaves thousands without power, Dec. 11.

Unless I have missed a big news release, it appears that several things have been revealed during and after the recent near-record rainfalls.

First, the Colliery dams seem to be intact. The wild ‘Chicken Little’ statements by both City of Nanaimo staff and the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school board have been proven to be what most intelligent people already knew – pure hogwash.

Secondly, there was the boil water advisory for Nanaimo’s water system. The city has known since the early 1990s that all surface water should be filtered. Just this month it was announced that the largest water system infrastructure project, which was to prevent any such boil water warnings being required, was indeed not going to be completed on time and will come in considerably over budget.

Murray McNabNanaimo