Crosswalk plan steps backward

NANAIMO – Re: Plan aims to make crossing safer, March 1.

To the Editor,

Re: Plan aims to make crossing safer, March 1.

The crosswalk on the south corner of Foster Street at Wakesiah Avenue is going to be moved to the north side of the intersection.

Finally we realize the location was wrong and money is no problem to change warning lights, etc.

Fencing may keep students on the school sidewalk from the front door to Wakesiah, but the fence needs to go to the front door to keep the crowd on the side of the fence you desire.

And just as we see bus pullouts (Terminal Park shopping centre and Bowen Road/Quarterway area), they plan to create a median to stop vehicles from passing a bus while it loads its passengers.

A great step backward for traffic flow (busy street) and pollution (idling of vehicles). There is room for vehicles

Fred Taylor