Critic wrong about position on school plan

Re: Trustee politicking a disgusting show, Letters, Dec. 22.

To the Editor,

Re: Trustee politicking a disgusting show, Letters, Dec. 22.

Laura Anderson should consider taking an arithmetic lesson before pumping out such bilious prose.

The Allens of course did not block the ill-considered facilities plan passed by the 2005-2008 school board, as she clearly implies. It took five votes to do that, and actually there were six who voted to start the process again.

Those trustees actually campaigned on the basis of revising the previous plan, and the public elected them.

Contrast that to the previous board, the majority of whose members gave no advance indication of their intention to shut down Nanaimo District Secondary Secondary, the district’s most valuable property, when campaigning in 2005. Also please note that the revised plan was backed by all trustees.

The government will have to come to terms with Nanaimo’s needs and the sooner the better.

But to do so based on the foolish idea of selling off the district’s most valuable property and constructing a state of the art high school on a site that doesn’t meet ministry standards in an area where two feeder schools have been closed – now that would have been “madness.”

The voters made the correct call on the old plan in 2008; the job now is to press the government to act on the new plan, not indulge in recriminations. It’s time to move on.

Eric Ricker