Credit card issue requires explanation

NANAIMO: Re: New CEO a ‘superstar’, Letters, Aug. 21.

To the Editor,

Re: New CEO a ‘superstar’, Letters, Aug. 21.

If A.J. Hustins’s assessment is right about Sasha Angus, the new CEO of the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation, it sounds as if Angus will not need a ferry to get to downtown Vancouver – he should be able to just walk across.

There is one glaring discrepancy in regards to the credit card affair with Angus and the Alberta government. The auditor general and the head of the Treasury Board are both quoted as saying the $30,000 credit card bill was not paid until at least six months after Angus left government, and then it took some ‘warnings’. The report in the News Bulletin quotes Angus as saying the debt was paid before he left government.

Which statement is accurate? The credit card issue may be several years old, but the claim it was paid before leaving government was made within the past few days. It matters if the statement is true or not.

Jim Taylor