Corporations ignore local values

Re: Store sparks debate over 24-hour opening, March 3.

To the Editor,

Re: Store sparks debate over 24-hour opening, March 3.

As a resident of south Nanaimo, supporting change, culture, diversity and investable growth are important factors in myself and many others in the area.

I have attended, volunteered and contributed suggestions, time, resources, etc., to growth plans for City of Nanaimo and the South End Community Plan workshops with career experience in the large corporate environment myself.

Common to these organizations are creating a sustaining and admirable culture for our citizens/employees to grow from and continue to follow in the these steps of good guidance.

Good guidance grows from having well established foundations with plenty of experience, knowledge and views of the future without neglecting statistical information, historic facts and the bulk of the local residents around which the plans most effect.

The south has been on an incline of desirability, cleanliness, organization and control for several years now. Factors which contribute to this are the closing of gas stations in the area, no late evening or overnight businesses which attract the undesirable and local residents having an improved vision of what their neighborhood feels like to walk around in.

As a frequent pedestrian on our southern roads, I have personally witnessed the change in ‘the local environment’ in very appealing ways. To know this change first-hand is valuable in raising awareness that we cannot ignore the facts which contributed to the improvement of our neighborhood area.

These facts can be easily overlooked when ‘corporations’ arrive with visions of making corporate dollars. In fact, I believe this is why they are in business, even if they can provide positive ways to view a situation.

As a supporter to consider other alternatives or other business opportunities to fill any of these local vacant properties, I bring forward some thoughts of personal observations which I am hopeful others share as well.

Trevor McLeod


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