Corporate capitalism too good for too few

Re: Too many people expect handouts from society, Letters, Oct. 25.

To the Editor,

Re: Too many people expect handouts from society, Letters, Oct. 25.

There is an old fable about a few blind men describing an elephant by relating to a body part they have touched. So elephant was either like a rope (tail), a hose (trunk) or a column (leg).

Many letters to the editor contributors are doing this time after time. They mean well, but still it is often amusing to tears to read some of that fragmented stuff.

Presently the criticism is that the people in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street need to state in a sentence or two what they want. Or should we rather  ask them what they do not want?

To me it seems they are saying that all around the world most financial, judicial, moral, ecological and political norms and values are broken or spinning wildly.

The corporate capitalism has created small elite of obscenely rich (one per cent) and has hurt or threatened the rest. It has corrupted all decency and perverted ideals of humanity.  It fashions its wars and controls governments.

The corporate capitalism is too good to a few to be good for all.

So here is our elephant called the corporate capitalism and the masses trying to express their frustrations.

Seems people are saying that they had enough of it and that they would gladly try doing without it. And that is a sentence, isn’t it?

Zlatko Zvekich