Consumers left with cost

NANAIMO – Re: Plan will shift recycling costs, Nov. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: Plan will shift recycling costs, Nov. 27.

Once again we see taxation without representation.

The plan to shift the packaging recycling costs to the producers will only add to the cost for the consumer.

None of the companies that will bear the new burden of paying for the recycling of their packaging will go out of pocket for it, they will just pass it on to the consumer.

In a sense, this is yet another consumption tax being foisted on us by the provincial government. Will our taxes be lowered as private industry takes over these costs?  I think not.

The website for the non-profit “Multi-Material B.C. spearheaded by a group of retailers and manufacturers has no information as to what the end costs will be or how those costs will be paid.

Here in our wealthy province, where we have such a high instance of child poverty (87,000), the cost of living is going  to go up again due to yet another of our provincial government’s poor decisions.

Alan MacKinnon