Conservatives kick off campaign with handouts for the rich

Does Prime Minister Harper really believe that giving to the rich, and stiffing the poor, will get him re-elected?

To the Editor,

Sadly, the federal government refuses to spend funds to help house the homeless, but it has no trouble giving tax money to millionaires to spruce up their homes, condos and cottages. While these grants may create some jobs, much of this work would get done without government handouts. Building accommodations for the homeless, on the other hand, is a guaranteed job creator. Plus it would probably pay for itself in reduced social, medical and policing costs.

First the Conservative government makes it difficult for the homeless to vote and now it ignores the homeless when giving away housing related funds. Does Prime Minister Harper really believe Canadians are so selfish and mean spirited that giving to the rich, and stiffing the poor, will get him re-elected?

S.I. PetersenNanaimo


To the Editor,

Stephen Harper has made and broken a lot of promises during the past 11 years, but one that he kept was: “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it.” He’s proven that non-stop negative advertising works for his party, but it is debatable if Canada has really benefited from his malevolent tactics.

However, some things never change, and that has been very evident in the past few weeks leading up to the election campaign being officially declared. It’s that familiar and ominous “swooosh-ka-ching” sound of funds being shovelled off the back of Tory trucks right across the country.

All parties in power and with their hands on the purse-strings use this method to bribe gullible voters with their own money; Oct. 19 would be a good time for the electorate to wake up to reality.

Bernie SmithParksville