Concerns over water just a red herring

Re: Healthy farming solution takes time, Saturday Beat, April 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Healthy farming solution takes time, Saturday Beat, April 2.

Toby Gorman writes, “Clean well water is a legitimate concern in Lantzville.”

This is true in the broad context, simply because Lantzville draws its water from wells.

Did he ask the mayor whether contamination has ever been a problem in Lantzville? No?

I thought not, because his reference to Walkerton was not pertinent.

The problem at Walkerton was because the community failed to chlorinate its water.

Basically, every community that uses surface water, or water drawn from potentially continated wells is required to chlorinate.

Every water purveyor is required to test their water for contaminants, especially bacteria. Consequently, this issue of potential contamination in Lantzville is a red herring.

As for the smell of manure, this also is a poor example.

Well-aerated manure does not smell.

However, people who live near large farms might occasionally smell manure when manure is taken from a large, anoxic pile and is spread on the fields.

This is a short-term irritation only.

If the complainant near Compassion Farm is smelling manure, maybe that’s from the stable that’s just a stone’s throw away across the golf course.

Lloyd Erickson

via e-mail