Composting operation drowns residents with stench

Re: Grant awarded to help with carcass disposal, Aug. 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Grant awarded to help with carcass disposal, Aug. 2.

This article states that Regional District of Nanaimo will use $17,000 for a “study to locate possible sites for a mass carcass compost”.

Here is an idea that could save RDN from any effort: why not use existing Duke Point composting facility?

Nobody in south Nanaimo, Cedar or Extension will notice additional stink anyway.

All residents there are directly benefiting from a previous RDN study by enjoying nauseating, obnoxious stomach-turning stench coming from the composting site at Duke Point and its auxiliaries.

It is good that existing composting facilities are located upwind from south Nanaimo, so with every breeze the putrid smell of rotting and decomposing  does not go to the waste, but lingers in the noses and lungs of happy residents.

Furthermore, the RDN should revoke the suggestion to green bin users to freeze kitchen scraps during hot weather to reduce stink until a garbage collection day.  It stinks before, during, and after collection days anyway.

Composting companies, those that harvest green money from our volunteer compost gathering, actually do nothing to prevent disgusting stench being generously discharged from their locations.

At the fee they currently charge us to take scraps, in the event of a major livestock emergency they will accept anything.

As far as any honest bacteria or viruses go, I expect that they will all drop dead from stink as soon as their host carcasses are dumped at Duke Point compost facility.

Zlatko Zvekic


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