Colliery’s dams could be profitable

NANAIMO – Re: Delaying decision a waste of time, Letters, April 20.

To the Editor,

Re: Delaying decision a waste of time, Letters, April 20.

The Colliery Dam Park project could be funded by a tax that has already been collected and pooled for carbon offsets.

If the dams were rebuilt with the intent to generate power (any power), our community could collect offsets to fund the rebuilding of new dams.

We see other communities and corporations applying for this type of relief for every type of project.

B.C.’s auditor general, John Doyle, reported that the B.C. government is not meeting its legislated objective to be carbon neutral. And the carbon offsets are not offsetting emissions as they are intended.

Two recent projects in B.C. that claimed $6 million of our taxes failed to provide credible offsets. So, it’s about time that Nanaimo asks for and receives its fair share of the tax back before it gets extinguished by a new government.

Micro-power generation stations are another thing of the near future. The power dams could also be a classroom for an ever-growing need to relearn how to diversify an asset.

Vancouver Island University could benefit from a power generation set that would be at an arm’s-length from the classroom.

Matt James