City’s plan amounts to enabling addicts

Re: Mayor committed to plan, Sept. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: Mayor committed to plan, Sept. 27.

The mayor is quoted as saying, “I don’t know how other people want to react to it but I find it so hard to turn my back, say they don’t exist and walk away.”

This comment was made regarding establishing ‘wet housing’ proposed for several areas of town.

I think what the mayor and others need to understand is that providing deluxe housing for drug addicts and people abusing alcohol is called enabling, this is not the same as helping.

Helping would be to use the funds to provide treatment options and ways to help the disadvantaged tackle and hopefully resolve the problems that are keeping them disadvantaged, not giving them a place to continue their dysfunctional behaviour while someone else foots the bill for that lifestyle.

If people take responsibility for getting help and help is accessable then positive change can happen.

Lesley Cook