City’s old neighbourhoods deserve more respect

Re: Dickinson dairy barn in jeopardy, Nov. 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Dickinson dairy barn in jeopardy, Nov. 24.

That old barn means nothing to most compared to the Civic Arena, so why waste time talking about it? Talk about the skate/BMX-type park and get on with it before these kids have grown and gone up north for work.

Start giving the OCP of Harewood, south end and Chase River more than lip service – do something.

Residents went to meetings in past years to help develop these plans.

Now it looks like we were merely patronized.

In the last two decades, all we hear is “downtown revitalization” with a theme designed for out-of-towners’ money with only a few profiting.

No more free lunch for the “best street in the…”. How about the old neighbourhoods that paid for old city hall?

Neil Saunders