City ignores growing deer population

NANAIMO – There seems to be little or nothing anyone can do but fortify their yards from deer or rabbits.

To the Editor,

When I first moved to Nanaimo some 20-plus years ago, you simply could not find a deer in the neighborhoods around Departure Bay.

However, in the last six to eight years there’s been a monumental change, and now you can’t drive a street in any of these same neighborhoods without encountering at least one deer.

What caused this change I do not know. Perhaps a shift in deer sociology, an increase in deer populations or some combination of the two. But what I do know is the damage they cause to suburban vegetable gardens and the danger they pose to vehicle traffic.

I’ve also heard some staggering figures about how many deer are killed each year on our streets.

I’ve lost a dog because it couldn’t resist the thrill of the chase, and followed a deer into the road.

I know cougars have followed the deer into town and I’m certain their numbers will increase as well.

Now, after so many years trying to cope with deer in our neighborhoods, I find rabbits are becoming a common sight as well.

But there seems to be little or nothing anyone can do but fortify their yards, because there’s absolutely nothing being done by the city to address or even acknowledge these problems.

I do think its time to start looking at some practice or policy to curtail these problems, and dissuade further wildlife from moving into town.

I know of a few instances where people have been feeding deer, and I think this is one area where a clear message needs to be sent – feeding wildlife is an absolute no-no.

Brendan Millbank