City councils obsessed with projects

NANAIMO – Re: Council approves demolition of dams, May 16.

To the Editor,

Re: Council approves demolition of dams, May 16.

Surprise, surprise, yet another council decision that amounts to civic vandalism.

Take something unique, historic and valued by residents, invent a reason for objecting to it and get rid of it.

The same thing happened to Maffeo Sutton Park.

Gone are the historic shipyard building and functional Civic Arena, and in their place nothing but paving slabs, a poorly laid out parking lot and a road cutting the park in two and creating more congestion than there was before.

Part of the reason for this featureless landscape was a plan to accommodate condos in one corner, which were never built.

That makes one wonder about Colliery Dam Park and this sudden concern about safety.

City councils in Nanaimo have been obsessed with grandiose projects like conference centres and hotels that bring hardly any benefit or pleasure to residents, while at the same time destroying amenities that are valued by residents and contribute to the city’s uniqueness.

Gregory Roscow