Citizens’ interests getting forgotten

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

Here we go with the same vague generalizations about how ‘social housing’ is a good thing for your neighbourhood. Every area should have its share of ‘social housing’.

The problem is that this is not social housing.

I heard city planners say, in a public meeting that the proposed ‘wet’ housing on Bowen Road was for people who do not qualify for social housing. These buildings are nothing short of warehouses for crackheads and junkies.

During the public meetings for the Bowen Road rezoning, it was disclosed that there were only three or four parking spaces for a 35-unit building. It was also disclosed that there are no rules against doing drugs inside your taxpayer-paid-for unit.

The units in the north end are no different.

After building a 35-unit building far north of downtown for people who are addicts and most certainly do not have cars, where do the drugs come from? They aren’t going to be able to drive downtown to get them, so does this mean drug dealers visiting the area regularly? Or are these addicts going to ride their bicycles downtown?

Is this what is needed in our neighbourhoods?

How are the addicts (who will do anything for their fix) going to pay for these drugs? If they are going to commit crimes to pay for the drugs, they aren’t going to jump into their vehicles and go somewhere else.  Maybe they will ride their bicycles downtown as well.

If you don’t think that drug addicts commit crimes, you haven’t been paying attention.

There is a reason most street people choose to be downtown. Services are there, support is there. Unfortunately, the cruise ships and convention centre are there, too.

What has shocked me the most, as a homeowner and taxpayer, was the lack of respect shown to the residents and taxpayers who packed the four public meetings to voice their concerns over the Bowen Road rezoning.

Council seemed more interested in getting provincial money than they did about listening to our concerns.

There is an election coming. Ask your candidate how he or she stands on forcing crackheads into residential areas. Ask your candidate if he or she supports you the taxpayer.

It’s about time we elect people who are going to look out for our interests.

Bob Winkler