Christmas greeting a harmless tradition

NANAIMO – Re: ‘Happy holidays’ includes everyone, Letters, Dec. 18.

To the Editor,

Re: ‘Happy holidays’ includes everyone, Letters, Dec. 18.

Bernie Smith seems to want to take any trace of religion out of Christmas greetings and consequently supports the concept of not offending anyone by using the politically correct ‘happy holidays”  rather than the traditional ‘merry Christmas’.

Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that the word ‘holiday’ is actually a contraction of ‘holy day’ and consequently there is a religious undertone in wishing anyone any sort of a holiday.

Far from being of a particular religious persuasion as he so politely suggests, my interest in retaining the ‘merry Christmas’ form of greeting is more based on tradition.

Going back to the early settlers, this was the traditional form of greeting at this time of year. So many of our cherished traditions are under attack from minorities and too liberal do-gooders that we are gradually losing touch with our roots.

None of my friends of what Smith refers to as other ‘religious persuasions’ have ever been offended by someone wishing them a merry Christmas.

It is a pleasant and harmless tradition with roots way back in Canadian history.

Personally, I think we should keep it and relegate ‘happy holidays’ to wishing our friends pleasant summer or winter vacations.

Garry Bradford