Chamber plan ignores environment

NANAIMO: Re: Chamber aims to improve prosperity in B.C., Nov. 17.

To the Editor,

Re: Chamber aims to improve prosperity in B.C., Nov. 17.

It was with interest and deep concern that I read this article in the News Bulletin.

I quickly noticed the absence of any reference to an economy that supports and nurtures our environment rather than destroys it. There was no mention of encouraging sustainable businesses.

“Shared prosperity” sounds good, but not at the risk of further harm to our environment. I truly hope the new B.C. Agenda for Shared Prosperity will above all encourage and facilitate environmental and economic sustainability.

Will the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and Business Council of B.C. have the foresight to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline, tankers on our precious West Coast and other destructive business proposals?

Let’s hope that these two influential business groups act in the best interests of all B.C. residents and future generations. Without clean air, clean water, and protected coast, there will be no prosperity.

Mankind is clearly at a crossroads. Some countries are already providing great working options for positive change.

B.C. can also choose to play a strong leadership role in this regard. Working together, we can do amazing things.

Lynn Burrows