Cedar supporter says plan flawed

Re: Opposition mounts to coming closures of Cedar schools, July 18.

To the Editor,

Re: Opposition mounts to coming closures of Cedar schools, July 18.

I attended the June meeting at Cedar Community Secondary where the school board outlined its 10 year plan. I was surprised to see the bus lane blocked off with vehicles parked across it at both ends, and security guards checking everyone that entered the school.  Then to my dismay two uniformed members of the RCMP arrived and took up their positions on either side of the room.

It is my understanding that School District 68 is opposed to bullying, at least they claim to be, but attending that meeting I witnessed the most extreme bullying I have seen, as the only reason for the security guards and the police was blatant intimidation, which is exactly the same thing as bullying

Now, after reading the statement by Jamie Brennan in the July 18 paper saying that the people of Cedar could protest all they wanted but the school board was moving forward with its plan, it is quite obvious that the school board was never looking for other suggestions and are showing complete disregard for taxpaying Cedar residents.

Moving Cedar students and putting John Barsby Secondary School over capacity is very irresponsible. It is very expensive to bus that many students (definitely not environmentally friendly), it would deprive Cedar students from taking part in any after school activities, and most importantly it would damage the community of Cedar.

I believe that the only solution for the school district is to close John Barsby school, move those students to Nanaimo District Senior Secondary, which would fill that school, and leave Cedar alone.

Isn’t it about time elected people started to honestly represent the people that elected them?

Don GrinnellLadysmith