Cedar market prices competitive

NANAIMO: Re: Cost of market food too dear for shopper, Letters, Aug. 16.

To the Editor,

Re: Cost of market food too dear for shopper, Letters, Aug. 16.

I would like to respond to Gordon Jackson and his comments about the pricing at the Cedar Farmers’ Market.

I am a vendor at the market but not a farmer.  As for the pricing of the produce, I believe I know which garlic he is referring to and it is far superior to the “bagged” garlic imported from China and Japan.

Everything costs money to grow in Canada. That is why we all enjoy the lifestyles we are blessed with here in our great country.

I am also certain Jackson did not walk around and check all of the prices at the Cedar market nor did he chat with farmers.

My table is beside a farmer vendor who supports the community. Young people with disabilities, and adults trying to get back into the work force for whatever reason, are able to work on the farm and learn.

The prices are very competitive to those of my grocery store, and I know the produce was picked that morning or the day before.

I am saddened to hear that Jackson found nothing at the market he wanted.

Cards, unique gifts, beautiful plants, natural remedies, homemade soaps, unique sewn items, jewelry, baking, bread, fresh berries, wooden furniture, local honey, fresh-roasted coffee, homemade pasta, seasonings, kids accessories, artwork, homemade jams and preserves, aromatherapy items, eggs and meat are some of the wonderful items these vendors come out to display each Sunday, rain or shine.

I hope Jackson will give us another chance and come and join the hundreds of other shoppers and browsers at the Cedar market.

Lorri Vallese

via e-mail