Canadians turned off with political system

NANAIMO – Re: Voter turnout is disturbing, Opinion, March 26.

To the Editor,

Re: Voter turnout is disturbing, Opinion, March 26.

I agree with the editorial.

At what point is democracy no longer democracy? During the civic byelection two years ago, the turnout was not much more than 10 per cent.

I believe an increasing number of people feel disenfranchised, ignored, lied to and more.

Many are so discouraged that they don’t even bother voting. They’ve given up on the old parties, but don’t think voting for the smaller parties will do anything.

Elizabeth May is changing all of this. She got elected because she seems to better represent people’s concerns and gave them hope for a better political way.

Isn’t it time we changed not only the party in power, but the way politics is done?

That’s the only way more people will turn out and vote.

Kurt Fischer