Campaign signs pollute view of city

To the Editor,

Every resident of the city knows who is running for each party in each election and recently, the byelection.

Election signage is plastered everywhere on public lands.

Should we elect a politician based on them winning the sign war?

In this age of enlightened conservation and awareness of our our environment, why doesn’t the city designate 10 or 15 locations where signs can be installed on public property?

Limit the size to one 4×4 for each location and every citizen will know who is running for which seat.

This is not restricting freedom of speech, nor encouraging more people to vote. Those who choose not to vote won’t vote anyway.

Signs on private property? Fill your boots, it’s your property.

Nanaimo would be the first city in Canada (that I know of) to ‘walk the walk’ with environmental integrity by limiting this hugely wasteful, non-rrecyclable and antiquated ritual.

It’s visual pollution that we don’t need.

Gordon Halkett