Cafeteria missing debit machine

At Nanaimo Regional General Hospital's cafeteria, a sign by the cashier said, ‘cash only, no debit or credit.’

To the Editor,

My husband had day surgery last month. I went to the cafeteria at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to get something to eat while I waited for him to be discharged.

A sign by the cashier said, ‘cash only, no debit or credit.’  I had no cash on me. The cashier directed me to an ATM machine at the entrance to the cafeteria, as though she did it all day long.

I was charged $2.50 at ATM and another $1.25 by my credit union.

The cashier said they couldn’t take credit or debit because when the staff came for lunch they only got 15 minutes and they had to speed them through.

Hundreds of businesses have no problem putting many people through quickly. What century is the Nanaimo hospital in?

It didn’t help when the cashier told me that she always carries cash.

I think this is usury. How many friends and relatives of patients are being gouged like this? Is the hospital getting a cut? Extremely poor public relations.

Elaine JohnstonGabriola Island

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