Businesses have faith in future LNG profits

NANAIMO – Using liquid natural gas production to pay off provincial debt a darn good vision.

To the Editor,

People are scoffing at Premier Christy Clark’s vision to use liquid natural gas production to pay off our provincial debt and eliminate the provincial sales tax.

They say it’s just a dream.

Well, Alberta did it with oil money so why can’t we do it in B.C. with natural gas money?

Major corporations are spending billions of dollars to develop B.C.’s natural gas resources. They’re willing to invest these billions because they believe in the long-term future of this industry.

I believe in it too. When was the last time you saw businesss risking billions of dollars developing a resource with no prospect for solid success?

It’s a darn good vision and a dream worth pursuing. Alberta did it.

So can we.

Massimo Mandarino